Welcome in the community of mutual aid of students ! (Free, reserved for over 14 years)

We all have a network : parents, friends, neighbors, … Before, he couldn’t always help us to reach our dreams.

Today, if your father is a dentist and you want to be a florist, if you have relatives in Italy and you want to find a job in Australia, … you can exchange your opportunities with other students.

Discover the principle of the cooptation : Your’re going to be able to present young people as motivated and passionate as you to your relatives who will be able to help them to acquire some experience and to succed in their professional projects.

In exchange, you will be able to enjoy linking but, watch out, you have to demonstrate your seriousness and your determination to be selected (cooptation isn’t string-pulling :)

Our values :

All jobs are important, an experience in a little company is as enriching as an experience in a big company, the value of a journey isn’t calculate by the travelled distance...

If you share them, we propose you to value your « helping hand » like so : 

1 day of language travel or 1 day of internship   =   10 Boosts/day

1 unpaid internship = 100 Boosts

1 paid internship = 300 Boosts

1 employment contract = 500 Boosts

When you sign in you get 30 boosts to begin to swap

To win more Boosts, you just have to exchange or to contribute to the development of the community by sponsoring other young people for example.